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Translation of despegar

despegar  to take off 

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despegar, quitarse algo take off
despegar to take off

We can recognize the facts and how they are. So we might observe a lot of things but we will never understand, we will never know why the flower is red, what brought the little aninal to that height.
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We landed at the same airport were we have started our trip three weeks earlier (before continuing to Cambodia), however this time we would stay for two days in the city. We were back in SE Asia.

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of despegar
despego  despegas  despega  despegamos  despegáis  despegan  despegaba  despegabas  despegaba  despegábamos  despegabais  despegaban  despegué  despegaste  despegó  despegamos  despegasteis  despegaron  despegaré  despegarás  despegará  despegaremos  despegaréis  despegarán