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Translation of Andorran in Spanish

the Andorran el andorrano
Andorran andorrano

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Sample sentences:
Andorrans are the inhabitants of Andorra.

Andorrano es el habitante de Andorra.

Once inside, not waiting in line, and not paying, our new friend took us to the VIP balcony. Our old friends did not understand how we organized all this so quickly and neither did we (to be honest).
We can try it out tonight, if you want, we just have to find the right hour. Peru is 5 hours behind Switzerland. So I'll just pay a visit to Peru in order to travel around and see the architecture.
Lunch was given at a family-run restaurant back in the valley. The headaches disappeared once were were back at 2000 meters. From there we continued to the Salar, a salt lake, mostly arid.