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Translation of restart in Spanish

to restart reanudar

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If it is not possible to memorize vocabulary, I will have to create my own lessons in the coming weeks. I would be happy about this information. You need to develop a feeling for the language.
Can you speak English or Chinese? It would be easier to learn. I will correct you and you will help me, OK? From where in China are you? I know only Beijing and Shanghai, oh yes, and Hong Kong.
Have I forgotten to tell you my name because you see only the usernames. I'm sorry for that. You are right the username ---- stands for Gabriel. Besides, I'm completely healthy again, thanks.

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of reanudar
reanudo  reanudas  reanuda  reanudamos  reanudáis  reanudan  reanudaba  reanudabas  reanudaba  reanudábamos  reanudabais  reanudaban  reanudé  reanudaste  reanudó  reanudamos  reanudasteis  reanudaron  reanudaré  reanudarás  reanudará  reanudaremos  reanudaréis  reanudarán