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Translation of caballo

el caballo  the horse 
el caballo the horse; the knight

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Sample sentences:
Las cebras se parecen a los caballos, sólo que tienen rayas.

Zebras look like horses, only they have stripes.
El caballo necesita herraduras nuevas. The horse needs new horseshoes.
El bandido ha escapado en un caballo blanco. The bandit has escaped on a white horse.
a caballo on horseback
un caballo a horse

We do not see the spider eating the moth, we only see a yellow spider sitting on a red flower holding a brown moth. But we know what will occur: There will be a cruel and nasty act of the nature.
Moreover, these conception goes with generations, it is almost biologically inherited, they are path from parent to child. As a result the a child has similar believes as his father or mother.
It was fantastic to see that each ice berg had its own form and color. Unfortunately we could not reach all galciers, some were blocked by their own ice breaking off and floating in the lake.