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Translation of contrato

el contrato  the contract 
el contrato the covenant

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Sample sentences:
Se adjunta a la presente carta un borrador del contrato.

A draft of the contract is attached to this letter.
Ella ya me ha traído la fotocopia del contrato. She has already brought me the photocopy of the contract.
Su contrato finaliza el 30 de noviembre. His job contract terminates on November 30.

What steered the little fly to the plant? Naturally, we do not know the answer. The human being cannot understand nature because he is part of it, he is inside it. Therefore he cannot judge objectively.
Sunday is fine. Please let us talk tomorrow to arrange a schedule of that day. I will call you tomorrow, but in any case, here is my number again. We could do it also on Monday next week, if it fits everybody.
This province was only one mile away from China and one could see the border control. From there it was a bus ride up the hill, about an hour or so passed and we arrived at our final destination.

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