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Translation of cortejar

cortejar to court
cortejar to woo

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Sample sentences:
Él la cortejó durante cinco años antes de pedirle que se casara con él.

He wooed her for five years before asking her to marry him.

If someone tells me to try a delicacy I won't eat it although I have never tried it. It took me twenty year to try Sushi and yes I love it. My friends tell me that I am conservative and stubborn.
The ride took us through mountainous areas, covered with dark green forest, with so many curves that I got sick. I wanted to vomit but I held myself back, as there were so many other next to me.
We arrived at the next hotel, which was only two blocks away, again deciding from the outside, that we would not sleep there. I questioned the short ride, because on the map the two places were far apart.

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of cortejar
cortejo  cortejas  corteja  cortejamos  cortejáis  cortejan  cortejaba  cortejabas  cortejaba  cortejábamos  cortejabais  cortejaban  cortejé  cortejaste  cortejó  cortejamos  cortejasteis  cortejaron  cortejaré  cortejarás  cortejará  cortejaremos  cortejaréis  cortejarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of court   [ courted, courted ]