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Translation of escritura

la escritura the document; the deed; the writing
la escritura the handwriting; the script

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Sample sentences:
Su escritura es absolutamente ilegible.

His writing is absolutely illegible.
Ellos ya han firmado la escritura de su nueva casa. They have already signed the deed to their new house.
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It turned out that they did not have a license to house foreigners but I was too tired and besides, where else would I go. Furthermore they insisted that I should not bring prostitutes to their home.
I told her that when you meet a person and you like that person you start dating him/her. After a while, if the couple stays together they go to the next step and move together or get married.
I visited the Hurricane watch center's website on a hourly basis hoping it would just go away, bt hurricane Ivan was on a direct path to Havana. It did not stop my vacation plans and I left the office.

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