German Dictionary

Translation of Anfall

der Anfall the seizure; the attack
der Anfall the bout

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Sample sentences:
In einem Anfall von Schlaflosigkeit begann er, all seine Plastikgabeln zu zählen.

During a bout of insomnia, he began to count all his plastic forks.
hysterischer Anfall hysterical fit
ein Anfall a fit
Anfall seizure
Anfall bout

Officials say that the trip will start after lunch at around 1pm, next to the Phoenix Hall at Lili's college in Boston. During the departure of these twenty five crazy kids, major roads will be closed.
The information we receive by hearing other people's stories, by watching TV (which is not an objective source of information) or by listening to the local radio generates a big responsiveness in us.
We stayed there for a few hours observing the hugh ice blocks breaking off and falling into the icy waters leaving a water splash of over 100 meters. Each splash was followed by a dull thunder.

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Conjugation of attack   [ attacked, attacked ]