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Translation of Anstieg

der Anstieg the gradient

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Sample sentences:
Der plötzliche Anstieg der Joghurtpreise war ein schwerer Schlag für Joghurtfans.

The sudden surge in yoghurt prices was tough for yoghurt fans.
Anstieg, Zunahme; ansteigen, zunehmen increase; to increase
stufenweiser anstieg increase gradually
Anstieg erhöhen to boost sales
mäßiger anstieg slow rise
stufenweiser Anstieg gradual rise
rascher anstieg increase rapidly

When I saw the small plane I did not feel all to good about flying back to Cancun. It had only twenty four seats and was driven by propeller, which made a lot of noise. Fortunately the weather was good.
I saw the game. After the amazing pre-match ball shot I was so excited I could not fall asleep for 2 hours. The Eurosport commentator said: 'So what is his next trick? Walking home on the Hudson river?'
On day number 2 we made a day trip to Punta Tombo. We rented a local guide to take us from Puerto Madryn to Punta Tombo to watch the penguins. There were lots of them and walking through their towns was fun!