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Translation of Depot

das Depot the depot; the deposit
das Depot the depository

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Depot; Schließfach; Lagerstätte deposit locker
Lager; Depot warehouse
Lager, Depot storage

In order to change something you need to have courage, even if it is the smallest thing. Actually let me refine, changing needs only courage if the current situation is not bad but not perfect either.
Indeed, these two are very stronlgy connected. The first is often led by a certain party or representative who represents the interest of the others. It gives them a feeling of togetherness and belonging.
In the evening we saw a Dutch couple which we have met in El Calafate (in the Perito Moreno tour and who were with us on the airplane to the Peninsula). We looked for our hotel and it was OK.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of deposit   [ deposited, deposited ]