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Translation of ermüden

ermüden to tire; to fatigue
ermüden to weary

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Sample sentences:
Einen fortwährend eifersüchtigen Freund zu haben kann ermüden und eine Beziehung ruinieren.

Having a constantly jealous boyfriend is tiring and can ruin a relationship.
ermüden tire (v); exhaust; agotar

A bystander who watched the entire scene all the time decided to help me. He was an older man, around seventy, but nonetheless he went to the oldest of these kids and slapped him. The boy was sixteen.
This perilous reaction, due to trivial, conventional thinking of us might lead to direct violence or at least to its support. Furthermore it can destroys one's good intensions and qualities.
We spent the entire day walking around the city, looking for gifts for our friends and for family back at home. It was a nice and relaxing last day. In the late afternoon, we decided to buy shoes.

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of ermüden
ermüde  ermüdest  ermüdet  ermüden  ermüdet  ermüden  ermüdete  ermüdetest  ermüdete  ermüdeten  ermüdetet  ermüdeten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of fatigue   [ fatigued, fatigued ]
Conjugation of tire   [ tired, tired ]