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Translation of Erweiterung

die Erweiterung the extension; the expansion
die Erweiterung the enhancement

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Sample sentences:
Die Erweiterung unseres Bundes ging schnell voran, da wir sehr beliebt waren.

The expansion of our league went ahead swiftly as we were extremely popular.
Diversifikation; Erweiterung; Abwechslung diversification
Erweiterung; Verlängerung extension
Beigabe; Zugabe; Erweiterung addition
Tag der EU-Erweiterung expansion day
EU-Erweiterung EU-extention

The lack of political stability is not new to South America and I believe that the different views among them added up so much that conflicts are not avoidable anymore. Look for example what happened.
Regretably they are fighting at the wrong 'frontline'. They are fighting there because there they can win. Nothing gets solved though. One needs to tackle the real issues and not flee for political reasons.
I took a shuttle to the ferry station and enjoyed the thirty minute busride. I wrote some SMS to my cousin who stayed on the island two years ago and she informed me about hostels and good places.