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Translation of geschehen

geschehen to occur; to take place; to happen

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Sample sentences:
Susan bezweifelte, dass die Zerstörung von Victors Spielzeug absichtlich geschehen war.

Susan doubted that the destruction of Victor's toy had been willful.
Schließlich gaben sie zu, dass in Fukushima bereits eine Kernschmelze geschehen war. Finally they admitted that a meltdown had already happened in Fukushima.
stattfinden, erscheinen; passieren; auftreten, geschehen occur; arise; happen
nichts zu danken; bitte sehr; gern geschehen You're welcome
erwähnend; gern geschehen; abgesehen von mentioned

In the beginning it looked brutal but it worked. He brought my wallet back to me and asked me to count the bills in it. I was stunned and could not believe what just happened. He repeated his order.
Seldom only do such incidents occur, thank God, but the fact is that these incidents, which are started by a relatively small group, need to have a broader support among others in order to exist.
In addition it was a good opportunity to see Macau. Already at the airport a guy approached us and tried to convince us into a day tour with him. We explained that we had only three hours left.

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of geschehen
geschehe  geschiehst  geschieht  geschehen  gescheht  geschehen  geschah  geschahest  geschah  geschahen  geschaht  geschahen     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of happen   [ happened, happened ]
Conjugation of occur   [ occurred, occurred ]