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Translation of kränken

kränken  to offend 

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Sample sentences:
Die Art wie er sie zur Seite stieß tat nicht nur weh sondern kränkte sie außerdem.

The way he shoved her aside did not only hurt her, it offended her.
jn. beleidigen; jn. kränken (to) offend sb.
kränken, beleidigen to offend
(jemanden) kränken offend

Her students are using the software and learning with the website afterwards on a regular basis. She is very satisfied and she was kind and gave me your number, as she thought that it may interest you.
I think that subconsciously she means that her pregnancy has become a white eleph. But even though she compares her pregnancy with the large, grey animal a moment later she regrets it and says it.
Usually I do not care too much about not getting change, but when you pay a 3 dollar ride with 50 dollars, you do actually expect change. We stood there for a while and neither of us knew what to do.

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Conjugation of kränken
kränke  kränkst  kränkt  kränken  kränkt  kränken  kränkte  kränktest  kränkte  kränkten  kränktet  kränkten     
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Conjugation of offend   [ offended, offended ]