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Translation of manövrieren

manövrieren to maneuver

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Sample sentences:
Es war nicht einfach, das Kanu durch die Stromschnelle zu manövrieren.

It was not easy to maneuver the canoe through the rapid.

As promised in our short conversation here a quick introduction about the entire process. We had great success in Richard Young's restaurant. I will call you on Monday. Meanwhile, happy new year!
Other tourists needed to check out first before others could check in. I wanted to see the ruins on the same day and booked a tour in this little jungle settlement and waited for the tour guide.
The room had around 4 square meters and the bathroom and shower were tiny. I was not content about that, as we could have stayed in a much better hotel for less. But we had made reservations in advance anyway.

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of manövrieren
manövriere  manövrierst  manövriert  manövrieren  manövriert  manövrieren  manövrierte  manövriertest  manövrierte  manövrierten  manövriertet  manövrierten