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Translation of radikalisieren

radikalisieren to radicalize; to radicalise

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I really worry about the health of obese people, especially the ones that I know in person (friends, relatives), because it is well known that overweight have a higher probability of heart attack.
It seemed like a very cute settlement and a great place to stay in for a night or two and I hoped that they would have rooms. However, since I wasn't sure I decided to carry my backpack with me.
The Lagoon Explorer had only room for eight passengers and crew. We were really excited once we saw the boat, as it looked beautiful. There was a couple from D.C. which also booked the same boat.

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of radikalisieren
radikalisiere  radikalisierst  radikalisiert  radikalisieren  radikalisiert  radikalisieren  radikalisierte  radikalisiertest  radikalisierte  radikalisierten  radikalisiertet  radikalisierten