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Translation of Schale

die Schale the bowl; the cup; the skin; the peel; the husk; the shell
die Schale the hull

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Schüssel, Schale (mit) bowl (of)
die Schale, Schalen the dish(es)
Schale; Hülse; Panzer shell
Ablage; Schale; Tablett tray
Schale, Schalen peel

I arrived there but could not find a hotel immediately, so that I took my luggage with me. I know that this is very provocative to thiefs. One should not walk on the street with a big backpack.
On the other hand, the man is completely egotistical. All he wants is to have a sexual relationship which is not disturbed by the pregnancy. He tell her different romantic sentences to win her heart.
Anyway, on our last day in Sapa, we hired a taxi driver, payed him twenty dollars and asked him to drive us around for a few hours. We had the Tram Ton pass in mind which separated two climate regions.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of bowl   [ bowled, bowled ]
Conjugation of husk   [ husked, husked ]
Conjugation of peel   [ peeled, peeled ]