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Translation of übermitteln

übermitteln to convey; to transmit; to communicate; to forward; to transfer

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If you want to learn, you need milestones, so that you can plan your learning curve. Together, we will decide on 3-4 days, where we will study intensely. Perhaps your German will get a little bit better by then.
Sorry that I answer so late but I was in Africa on vacation. What do you want to study in university? I think the most interesting are science studies, and it pays off, cause salaries are high.
Three years ago I was with my friends in South Korea whom I met in my English class in Washington. Then I was in America for another three years, one in Oklahoma and two in Alabama.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of communicate   [ communicated, communicated ]
Conjugation of convey   [ conveyed, conveyed ]
Conjugation of forward   [ forwarded, forwarded ]
Conjugation of transfer   [ transferred, transferred ]
Conjugation of transmit   [ transmitted, transmitted ]