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Translation of vervollständigen

vervollständigen to complete

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vervollständigen to round out; to round off
vervollständigen to complete

In the meantime I am listening to some Spanish CDs. They are intended for the car, but no one can tell you when to listen to it, how many times and how often. Please understand that I work a lot.
I just came back from Switzerland. Please give me a week to read the material you sent me. How was your time in Switzerland? Rani already asked me yesterday. Tell me when and where. I'll keep Tuesday free.
We had to be careful of not falling into the water. We rowed for about an hour and we got tired pretty easily. Especially the other man and woman looked devastated, at the limit of their physical capabilities.

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of vervollständigen
vervollständige  vervollständigst  vervollständigt  vervollständigen  vervollständigt  vervollständigen  vervollständigte  vervollständigtest  vervollständigte  vervollständigten  vervollständigtet  vervollständigten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of complete   [ completed, completed ]