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Translation of Zeichensetzung

die Zeichensetzung the punctuation

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Sample sentences:
Seit der Rechtschreibreform haben deutsche Schüler mehr Probleme mit der Zeichensetzung.

Since the spelling reform, German students have more problems with punctuation.
Zeichensetzung; Interpunktion punctuation
Zeichensetzung punktuation

I need to write you one more sentence. This is what my teacher told me and the German language is so difficult. So please, as a last favor, would you please write the sentence for me in German?
Moreover, even if we know a lot about a certain culture, we will never be able to understand it in the same way and with the same depth as they do, since we have a very different point of view.
We landed at the same airport were we have started our trip three weeks earlier (before continuing to Cambodia), however this time we would stay for two days in the city. We were back in SE Asia.