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Translation of advisable in German

advisable  ratsam 
advisable geraten; ratsam; zweckmäßig
advisable empfehlenswert

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to be advisable ratsam sein; empfehlenswert sein zu

Anyway you let me know...the rest of the days I will be busy with the course. I am Italian but I live in Wien, Austria. I have not heard back from you since I sent you a message. Do you still want to chat my friend?
You don't speak Russian? It's not so easy to speak this. I think, my English isn't very strong at all. But I hope to improve once I have the chance to write someone whose mother language is English...
Yes, I know that because I have visited there. I speak German and I am working on my Spanish. Where are you from originally? Are you going to a some language school and what is the best way to learn for you?

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of geraten
[bin geraten]
gerate  gerätst  gerät  geraten  geratet  geraten  geriet  gerietest  geriet  gerieten  gerietet  gerieten