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Translation of ally in German

to ally verbünden
the ally der Verbündete

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Sample sentences:
After the dictator committed the atrocities in the capital the loyalty of his closest allies started to fade.

Nachdem der Diktator die Gräueltaten in der Hauptstadt beging verblasste sogar die Loyalität seiner engsten Verbündeten.
ally Verbündeter; Partner
basic(ally) grundlegend
ally Verbündete(r)
ally Verbündete/r
ally with birlesmek

He was asking the doormen to let us and our friends from Holland in, and so they did. In addition, the guy we met was paying our entrance or got us a free entrance. We do not know and probably never will.
In addition I felt were uncomfortable with a ten year old girl rowing our boat while we were sitting like stupid tourists there. I offered to row myself and took the girl's rudder. She was happy.
In the late afternoon we took a taxi back to Cusco, which we shared with a nice Spanish couple. My wife who was mainly concerned with our sleeping conditions took the address of their hotel.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of ally   [ allied, allied ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of verbünden
verbünde  verbündest  verbündet  verbünden  verbündet  verbünden  verbündete  verbündetest  verbündete  verbündeten  verbündetet  verbündeten