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Translation of fart in German

to fart furzen
to fart pupsen [vulg]
the fart der Furz

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fart around herumblödln
fart der Furz (Fürze)
to fart furzen

The places we have been to were very different from the one we saw in the other country. It looked less poor and much more orgnaized although not every one could tell the difference. Funny.
It was so packed and it looked like a heap of ants climbing the temple. I would estimate that there were about a thousand people simultaneously climbing the temple which was not very big.
The next day we decided to spend on the other side of the mountain range (antiplano), in Bolivia. We didn't have the courage to drive deep into Bolivia, as everyone told us about the bad infrastructure and condition there.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of fart   [ farted, farted ]