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Translation of grip in German

to grip greifen; packen
the grip der Griff; die Grippe
the grip der Handgriff

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Sample sentences:
They constantly griped about Japanese TV to which they exposed themselves all day long.

Sie meckerten ständig über das japanische Fernsehen, dem sie sich ganztägig aussetzten.
to get a grip sich wieder beherrschen
to lose one's grip den Halt verlieren
grip packen; Gewalt; Herrschaft
to grip greifen; ergreifen
the grip der Handgriff
hair grip Haarspange
the grip der Griff
grip Gewalt; Griff
grip Einfluss

Then we did a boat trip which started somewhere in the delta and ended somewhere else in the delta. Each couple received a boat and an elderly lady had to row. I did not feel comfortable with that.
The different monuments were located in one big compound in the center. Strangely on the same day that we have visited there the prime minister of Thailand came for a visit in the same area.
Sorry that I did not write earlier. I have got a lot of work in my office. I did not forget and always think about writing you. What exactly do you study? Do you have children? Are you married?

English Verbs    
Conjugation of grip   [ gripped, gripped ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of greifen
greife  greifst  greift  greifen  greift  greifen  griff  griffst  griff  griffen  grifft  griffen     
Conjugation of packen
packe  packst  packt  packen  packt  packen  packte  packtest  packte  packten  packtet  packten