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Translation of wet in German

wet  nass 
wet feucht; nass
to wet  nass machen 
to wet anfeuchten; feuchten

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Sample sentences:
Thy lips are pink as peaches, thy tongue is wet as dew.

Deine Lippen sind süß wie Pfirsiche, deine Zunge ist nass wie Tau.
Since she forgot her rain boots her left sock became very wet. Da sie ihre Regenstiefel vergessen hatte wurde ihre linke Socke sehr nass.
The bathroom was wet after the entire family took showers. Das Badezimmer war nass nachdem die ganze Familie geduscht hatte.
to wet nass machen
wet naß; nass
wet nass, feucht
wet nass; feucht
wet nass

My family is doing well except for my youngest daughter. She is a little ill and needs to visit many doctors. She has had several infections lately, but nothing dangerous, so we are not too worried.
Did you receive my email? Are you going to call me back and help me? Would you be able to help me?? Please? Your English very is very well already. I will correct you if you make any spelling mistakes.
While waiting for the counter to open, my wife developed a stomach ache. The plane took of at around 4 or 5 pm and landed around 2 hours later at the airport of Santiago de Chile. It was already dark.

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