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Translation of liquidar

liquidar to liquefy
liquidar to liquidate

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for a minute I blamed the burger that I had eaten at the duty free back in Cancun, but thinking a little further I recalled eating street food the night earlier, as it was Mexican independence day.
Let me talk about nicer things in this email. In the last mail we spoke about the poems that we have read in our last spring break. We are not of the kind who love partying all night. We came to relax.
We went to visit the different markets starting with the bracelet market in Kowloon. Lili bought a few stones there. In the afternoon we visited the financial district which could only be reached by boat.

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of liquidar
liquido  liquidas  liquida  liquidamos  liquidáis  liquidan  liquidaba  liquidabas  liquidaba  liquidábamos  liquidabais  liquidaban  liquidé  liquidaste  liquidó  liquidamos  liquidasteis  liquidaron  liquidaré  liquidarás  liquidará  liquidaremos  liquidaréis  liquidarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of liquefy   [ liquefied, liquefied ]
Conjugation of liquidate   [ liquidated, liquidated ]