Spanish Dictionary

Translation of molestia

la molestia the annoyance; the vexation; the trouble
la molestia the hassle; the nuisance

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Sample sentences:
Este niño es una molestia, sólo llora y llora.

This child is a nuisance, he just cries and cries.
Es demasiada molestia. It's too much hassle.

I fell asleep but woke up in the middle of the night. My stomach turned upside down and I could not hold myself anymore. I needed to vomit and ran to the bathroom. This occurred three times.
Last week for example, I could have told you in advance that there is no chance for the other trials (if I knew): The traffic on the major website was too big. We should test it again sometime.
We arrived at the next hotel, which was only two blocks away, again deciding from the outside, that we would not sleep there. I questioned the short ride, because on the map the two places were far apart.