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Nombre in English

el nombre  the name 

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Sample sentences:
Ramsés era el nombre de muchos faraones egipcios.

Ramses was the name of many Egyptian pharaohs.
No puedes iniciar sesión en mi computadora porque necesitas mi nombre de usuario para hacerlo. You can't log in on my computer because you need my username to do so.
Todos los documentos del notario tienen un encabezado con su nombre, título y dirección. All the notary's documents have a header with his name, title and address.
nombre de pila forename; Christian name
nombre completo full name;
un nombre largo a long name
primer nombre first name

They do not care and that means that they just want to be happy, independent and wealthy and do not strive to be a powerful nation like the countries that surround it. It is completely different.
it was great talking to you. I am so happy that you are married. Here are our pictures. Please send me the pictures of you, your husband, the wedding and of course of your baby dog Vasco.
The next day it we had another hike, this time much further away, but luckily downhill. We again walked through various rice fields and rice terraces, along rivers and through hill tribe villages.

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