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Translation of ojalá

ojalá hopefully

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Sample sentences:
Ella dejó su currículum en la empresa. Ojalá que la contraten.

She left her résumé at the company. Hopefully, they will hire her.
ojalá! I wish!

I just got back from 3 very successful and intensive weeks in China. Sorry I couldn't help, but thanks for your interest. Maybe in the future we can study together with Vocabulix. Take care.
Joanna started kindergarten 2 weeks ago. She got used to it very quickly and I must say that I am very pround of her. She is now 23 months old and we are going to celebrate her birthday in three weeks.
The express ferry took us to Macau, a Portuguese colony near the Chinese Guangdong province. Although the distance is not short the express ferry gets there in one hour and is totally modern and reliable.