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Translation of parecer

parecer to seem
el parecer the appearance; the seem
el parecer the sentiment

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Sample sentences:
Ponte un impermeable, parece que va a llover.

Wear a raincoat; it looks like rain.
Estos globos tienen helio, por eso es que parecen volar. These balloons have helium, that's why they look like they are flying.
Los yaks son animales domésticos de Asia que se parecen a los bueyes. Yaks are domestic Asian animals that look like oxen.
al parecer apparently

He wants us to think about his poem to recognize the details because that is the only way of finding out more about the reality of life. With a lot of observation and analysis we see it in a clearer way.
I visited a few churches near the center and decided to climb the mountains nearby, on which there were also churches. My intention was to get a good shot at the town from above, a bird view.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of parecer
parezco  pareces  parece  parecemos  parecéis  parecen  parecía  parecías  parecía  parecíamos  parecíais  parecían  parecí  pareciste  pareció  parecimos  parecisteis  parecieron  pareceré  parecerás  parecerá  pareceremos  pareceréis  parecerán 
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Conjugation of seem   [ seemed, seemed ]