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Translation of pegamento

el pegamento the glue

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Sample sentences:
Los niños tenían que hacer engrudo con harina y agua para usarlo como pegamento.

The children had to make paste with flour and water to use it as glue.
Tienes que poner pegamento en las solapas y cerrar los sobres. You have to glue the flaps and close the envelopes.
pegamento glue

Instead of focusing on the meeting between Clinton and Mubarak, the media prefered to talk about the birthday cake that Hillary Clinton received and about the visit of pyramids and other attractions.
I visited a few churches near the center and decided to climb the mountains nearby, on which there were also churches. My intention was to get a good shot at the town from above, a bird view.
The travel agent's representative promised that they would return us the difference of the money. They also assured us that we would get special treatment, such as extra drinks and a Kayak expedition.

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Conjugation of glue   [ glued, glued ]