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Translation of cradle in Spanish

to cradle acunar
the cradle la cuna

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Sample sentences:
She cradled the baby because it was crying a lot.

Ella acunó al bebé porque estaba llorando mucho.

We made a little walk into the main street of the town and were looking for a nice place to eat. This time we settled for an Indian restaurant close to the restaurant we were a night earlier.
But the fact that our driver took us there before showing us any of the attraction left quite an impression on us. He lost both of his parents in that war which explains why it was important to him.
Sorry that I did not write earlier. I have got a lot of work in my office. I did not forget and always think about writing you. What exactly do you study? Do you have children? Are you married?

English Verbs    
Conjugation of cradle   [ cradled, cradled ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of acunar
acuño  acuñas  acuña  acuñamos  acuñáis  acuñan  acuñaba  acuñabas  acuñaba  acuñábamos  acuñabais  acuñaban  acuñé  acuñaste  acuñó  acuñamos  acuñasteis  acuñaron  acuñaré  acuñarás  acuñará  acuñaremos  acuñaréis  acuñarán