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Translation of exaggerate in Spanish

to exaggerate exagerar
exaggerate  exagerar 

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Sample sentences:
He tends to exaggerate his problems.

Tiende a exagerar sus problemas.
He always exaggerates, as if he can't express anything without using hyperboles. Él siempre exagera, como si él no puede expresar nada sin usar hipérboles.
to exaggerate exagerar

Can you please give me your phone number or I'll give you my phone number. Wish you a nice day, we'll here from each other. Bye. And by the way, my real name is Deborah but my friends just call me Debby.
Well I take Spanish classes in college, that's the only useful language they offer, but if they had French I would be taking French. It sounds so nice. I have been lazy lately and I'm not really good at it.
We woke up very early because we wanted to continue to Bariloche in Argentina. We bought some food and sat down by the lake to eat a breakfast sandwich. It was so foggy that we could not see the volcano.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of exaggerate   [ exaggerated, exaggerated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of exagerar
exagero  exageras  exagera  exageramos  exageráis  exageran  exageraba  exagerabas  exageraba  exagerábamos  exagerabais  exageraban  exageré  exageraste  exageró  exageramos  exagerasteis  exageraron  exageraré  exagerarás  exagerará  exageraremos  exageraréis  exagerarán