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Translation of hi in Spanish

hi  hola 

Translation by Vocabulix


Sample sentences:
Hi, how are you?

Hola, ¿cómo estás?
Hi! What's happening? ¡Qué hubo!; ¡Quihúbole!
hello; hi hola
Hello.; Hi. Hola.
Hi Hola

Anyway, when we came back to the hotel the doorman asked us how the game was and we replied that we rather would have seen our team winning and that a draw has always something disappointing.
Basically, I am here to learn Italian and French... some other languages as well, different cultures and meeting nice people. So far, I have made some friendships with Vocabulix, but I am always looking for more.
The same night we went to a great restaurant in town (near the main street). We met a very friendly couple in their fifties from Buenos Aires. They told us many interesting stories about Argentina.