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Translation of rip in Spanish

to rip desgarrar; rasgar

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We had three more days and the city which was plenty of time if not even too much. It is true that this city is unique and that you can spend there over a month, but we started to miss the countryside.
It must have taken them years and ten's of thousands of workers to accomplish the tasks of constructing such spectacular compounds. We took many pictures and walked back to the taxi.
We visited the Inca Ruins on the mountains near Pisac: A taxi took us to the top and we walked all the way back down to Pisac (which by the way is not an easy task on day 2 at this altitude)

English Verbs    
Conjugation of rip   [ ripped, ripped ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of desgarrar
desgarro  desgarras  desgarra  desgarramos  desgarráis  desgarran  desgarraba  desgarrabas  desgarraba  desgarrábamos  desgarrabais  desgarraban  desgarré  desgarraste  desgarró  desgarramos  desgarrasteis  desgarraron  desgarraré  desgarrarás  desgarrará  desgarraremos  desgarraréis  desgarrarán