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Translation of sheer in Spanish

the sheer el escarpado

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Sample sentences:
She went to speak to her husband's boss out of sheer desperation.

Ella fue a hablar con el jefe de su marido por pura desesperación.

By the way: I have now met a man who claims he is an expert in deep snow skiing... I find that very impressive for someone with only 3 years of snowboarding experience. It is probably just showing off.
I have began to learn English. I like to swim and to dive, because I lived near the beach while I lived in Miami. It is not similar to any other sport. But this week have not been yet to the pool.
I would be glad if you can tell me more about the United States, of course in German! Maybe we can talk again when you're back at home, what do you think? That would be a good practice, wouldn't it.