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Translation of spear in Spanish

to spear alancear
the spear la lanza

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Sample sentences:
The weapons of the indigenous people of South America were spears, bows and arrows.

Las armas de los indígenas de América del Sur eran lanzas, arcos y flechas.
Today soldiers do not spear any longer. Instead, they shoot firearms. Los soldados de hoy ya no alancean, usan armas de fuego.

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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of alancear
alanceo  alanceas  alancea  alanceamos  alanceáis  alancean  alanceaba  alanceabas  alanceaba  alanceábamos  alanceabais  alanceaban  alanceé  alanceaste  alanceó  alanceamos  alanceasteis  alancearon  alancearé  alancearás  alanceará  alancearemos  alancearéis  alancearán