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Translation of tranship in Spanish

to tranship transbordar

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Open the Word Program (press 'Start' button at the bottom left of screen, choose the menu 'Programs'. In the Word document, once a white new document has appeared, press 'edit menu' again and paste the contents.
If you do not want it, I understand since it is really little at the moment. But on the other hand, it is only 15 seconds to translate these short messages. Which link did you use?
I am in my German lesson and I'm learning about the subjunctive. I had never heard about it before. Can you ever deal with all Verb conjugations? I just totally misunderstand the past tense!

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Conjugation of transbordar
transbordo  transbordas  transborda  transbordamos  transbordáis  transbordan  transbordaba  transbordabas  transbordaba  transbordábamos  transbordabais  transbordaban  transbordé  transbordaste  transbordó  transbordamos  transbordasteis  transbordaron  transbordaré  transbordarás  transbordará  transbordaremos  transbordaréis  transbordarán