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Translation of weld in Spanish

to weld soldar
the weld la soldadura

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I will built a function that will do all lowercase but meanwhile, I would be happy if it could be rewritten to lower case... Is it possible for you? They should all be lowercase, I did it inadvertently.
Usually we write these messages twice a week. We also have a fanpage in Spanish where we need to write short messages. It is actually pretty boring but people respond to it. Don't ask me why they are doing it.
I have made an internship at a law office, but just for two months. Their salary is really bad. Now to my promise to correct your long message. You need to say: 'On Friday' not 'At Friday'.

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of soldar
sueldo  sueldas  suelda  soldamos  soldáis  sueldan  soldaba  soldabas  soldaba  soldábamos  soldabais  soldaban  soldé  soldaste  soldó  soldamos  soldasteis  soldaron  soldaré  soldarás  soldará  soldaremos  soldaréis  soldarán