Spanish Dictionary

Translation of velar

velar to mask; to veil

Translation by Vocabulix


velar to keep watch over; to stay awake

The picture I sent yesterday was taken on the first evening. And this morning the email bounced back. The user has already uploaded 3 different pictures of himself, all with the same facial expressions.
It is very different from bars and discos and nightlife. So it has also advantages, however the quantity and the quality of information circulating in the social networks worries me a little. A lot of it is garbage.
Where do you come from originally and how long have you been living in America? My week was very long. And how was your week? I do not know how to describe my life as I never had a writing pal.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of mask   [ masked, masked ]
Conjugation of veil   [ veiled, veiled ]