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Translation of abfertigen

abfertigen to dispatch    

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einchecken; sich abfertigen lassen; sich anmelden check in; check in; check in
entsenden; abfertigen; befördern to dispatch; to despatch
abfertigen; absenden; abschicken to dispatch
abfertigen/versenden to dispatch
abfertigen to process

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Then you can add me as a new friend in your Facebook account. I'll confirm it and you can send an email to my new address if it is publicly displayed and available. Or you can send it through SMS.
I'm already in my bed... I am looking forward to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Football is nice too! Here it very hot. I am missing the rain on the west coast ... I will be back again soon.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of dispatch   [ dispatched, dispatched ]