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Translation of abhalten

abhalten to keep away; to keep off; to keep out

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Sample sentences:
Die Nudisten in unserer Kommune können außerhalb des Abendbrots getrennt Veranstaltungen abhalten.

The nudists in our community can have separate events outside of dinner time.
abhalten; abschrecken; hindern to deter from
abraten; abhalten; entmutigen discourage
eine Sitzung abhalten to hold a meeting
jemanden abhalten von prevent someone
von etw. abhalten to keep sth. off
den Plan abhalten reject the plan

I expect it towards the weekend. Will you by any chance be in Switzerland in the week from June 15 to June 19? Most importantly, I will ask you to send me your homework so that I can correct it.
I saw the game. After the amazing pre-match ball shot I was so excited I could not fall asleep for 2 hours. The Eurosport commentator said: 'So what is his next trick? Walking home on the Hudson river?'
We spent the entire day walking around the city, looking for gifts for our friends and for family back at home. It was a nice and relaxing last day. In the late afternoon, we decided to buy shoes.
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