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Translation of Abkürzung

die Abkürzung the abbreviation    
die Abkürzung the shortcut    

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Sample sentences:
Mark zeigte Anna die Abkürzung vom Schulhof zu ihrem Haus.

Mark showed Anna the shortcut from the schoolyard to her house.
Die Abkürzung E.R. bedeutet Elizabeth Königin. The abbreviation E.R. means Elizabeth Regina.
die Abkürzung; das Kürzel abbreviation
Abkürzung abbreviation; shortcut
die Abkürzung the abbreviation

As promised in our short conversation here a quick introduction about the entire process. We had great success in Richard Young's restaurant. I will call you on Monday. Meanwhile, happy new year!
I have been there once for vacation, but I was too little. It was twelve years ago, when I was still a child. I went there with mom and dad and all I cared about is beach and sand, no culture.
She started to walk with us and one could observe that she had lost some of the naivity many children have, due to the fact that she started to be a sales person long before she reached twelve.
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