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anwesend present    

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an etwas teilnehmen; etwas begleiten; anwesend sein to attend; to participate; to be present
anwesend sein; teilnehmen; besuchen to attend
teilnehmen; erscheinen; anwesend sein attend
anwesend present; there, here; presente
anwesend sein be in

The reason for this behavior may be a reflection of the geographical and geological structure of the state: A lot of high mountains and valleys prevent easy travelling to the neighbors surrounding it.
Only if the circumstances support it, such events can take place. Anyway, the ones who make a personal problem a public one and who generalize by blaming the whole instead of an individual are guilty.
The ice blocks that usually break off during the summer started already to break off in spring due to the Global warming. The glaciers in general were loosing volume as we were told and as we could see.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of present   [ presented, presented ]