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der Appell the appeal    ; the plea    

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Anziehung; Berufung; Beschwerde, Appell the appeal
gemeinsamer Appell joint appeal
Aufruf, Appell appeal
der Appell the appeal

About the meeting dates: Can I propose something between August 24 and September 26 (in around 10 weeks)? Should I book 2 or 3 full days in the hotel. Gabriella will have enough experience by then.
Everything's fine over here. The weather is a bit crazy, but otherwise everything is ok. I wrote this one based on what you gave me previously. This is a very common form of saying it in Spanish outside Argentina.
Thanks for the corrections and for accepting my friends request. You are completely right: Spanish grammar is simpler than German grammar. I was just looking for a job where both languages are required.
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Conjugation of appeal   [ appealed, appealed ]