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Translation of Ausgangssperre

die Ausgangssperre the curfew    

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Sample sentences:
Er kontrollierte die Zimmer, um zu sehen, ob alle die Ausgangssperre befolgt hatten.

He inspected the rooms to see whether everybody had observed the curfew.
Ausgangssperre curfew

Spanish people are always saying, that you have to live the moment, you have to live now, since you do not know what is going to happen in the future. I think it is because many have troubles.
Once they see a foreign person, their primitive thoughts come up and they start to hate and dislike without any actual reason. Whose fault is this hate? Is the fault of the ones who are afraid.
The reason for doing an excursion to Macau was that we had to catch a flight back to Thailand. Air Asia offered a ticket for 50$, while the same flight from Hong Kong would be over 200$.
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