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Translation of auslaufen

auslaufen to be discontinued; to end    ; to expire    ; to leak out; to mature    ; to peter out; to put to sea; to run out

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auslaufen; durchsickern to leak out
auslaufen (Schiff) to set sail
ausfahren,auslaufen to go out
auslaufen lassen phase out
auslaufen (Vertrag) expire
enden, auslaufen to expire
ablegen, auslaufen sail
Auslaufen sailing
Auslaufen leakage

He also told me that he had build his scooter by himself. I could not understand how a doctor was able to build such a machine on his own. It seems that the circumstances made people capable of many things.
While time is a great healer, it is very difficult and not necessarily advisable for a country to forget its past, therefore history always keeps the tensions to others alive. I will explain.
I got up at five in the early morning because I wanted to take pictures of the sunrise. I hoped that there would be some fog, as it would add to the atmosphere and would results in great shots.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of auslaufen
[bin ausgelaufen]
laufe aus  läufst aus  läuft aus  laufen aus  lauft aus  laufen aus  lief aus  liefst aus  lief aus  liefen aus  lieft aus  liefen aus     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of end   [ ended, ended ]
Conjugation of expire   [ expired, expired ]
Conjugation of mature   [ matured, matured ]