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Translation of ausschließlich

ausschließlich exclusively    ; solely    ; excluding    ; exclusive of

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Sample sentences:
Diese seltene Milbe lebt ausschließlich in Temperaturen von 20 bis 25 Grad.

This rare mite lives exclusively in temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees.

In the that time of the year, when I used to go to school, I had to get up very early and leave the house at around seven o'clock in the morning. At this time it was still night, dark and cold outside.
I saw the game. After the amazing pre-match ball shot I was so excited I could not fall asleep for 2 hours. The Eurosport commentator said: 'So what is his next trick? Walking home on the Hudson river?'
We managed to get a few hours of bad sleep and arrived at the destination called Lao Cai, the capital of the province with the same name. It was only 370km from Hanoi, but the ride lasted nine hours.
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