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Translation of außerdem

außerdem Außerdem war er sowieso nicht nett zu ihm. besides     Besides, he was not nice to him anyway.
außerdem furthermore    ; moreover    

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Sample sentences:
Die Art wie er sie zur Seite stieß tat nicht nur weh sondern kränkte sie außerdem.

The way he shoved her aside did not only hurt her, it offended her.
Außerdem enthalten Kartoffeln viel Stärke, die sehr nahrhaft ist. Furthermore, potatoes contain a lot of starch, which is very nourishing.
überdies; außerdem; zudem moreover
Außerdem... Moreover,...; Furthermore,...
zusätzlich, außerdem in addition

The earlier you go to the top of the mountains the fewer people are on the slopes. I love the sound of the ski-lifts and seeing the villages disappear in the distance while I move up to the mountains.
The problem is that we are planning day by day and in our region (Maine, New Hampshire...) most hotels are 'by request' and not by 'space available'. I could do it but I would need to do the follow up.
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