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Translation of ausspülen

ausspülen to rinse    ; to irrigate    ; to flush    ; to wash out

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ausspülen; spülen; wässern rinse
ausspülen to rinse

Today we have what we call 'hair dryer wind' (south wind from over the Alps), and it is around 30 degrees in Aarau. In some places even 31. Many people have headaches because of the weather.
I've also looked at the interface, and found it a good idea to include the colloquial option. Would it be very complicated to add the most important regional check box, like Spain, South America or Central America?
I hope that we can teach each other a few things. I work as a nurse here in Boston, and it gives me a lot of joy and comfort because I like to help other people. It is a job that takes a lot of effort.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of flush   [ flushed, flushed ]
Conjugation of irrigate   [ irrigated, irrigated ]
Conjugation of rinse   [ rinsed, rinsed ]